Mountain Hill Chalet-Environmental Interior Design by Irini Papalouka

Irini Papalouka Presents The Mountain Hill Chalet Environmental Interior Design

Irini Papalouka, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning Mountain Hill Chalet Environmental interior Design explains, The concept of this property was to create a space reminiscent of a European chalet. The main focus of the design lay with t <Cropped>

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The O-Handbag by Anna Moraitou

Anna Moraitou Portrays The The O Handbag

Anna Moraitou, the designer of the displayed project handbag by Anna Moraitou explains, Wooden surfaces that are rarely used in fashion, create new forms and shapes. Wood, as a rigid material, retains the shape of the bag in contrast to the fabric wh <Cropped>

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Womenswear Collection by Kim Tiziana Rottmuller

Kim Tiziana Rottmuller Creates The Bittersweet Womenswear Collection

Kim Tiziana Rottmuller, the designer of the award winning work Womenswear Collection by Kim Tiziana Rottmuller points out, These garments are part of the collection Bittersweet which is a fusion of Prison and Barbie. The combination of the ruffles an <Cropped>

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Sierra-Kindle Living-Outdoor Patio Heater by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Exhibits The Sierra-Kindle Living Outdoor Patio Heater

Arturo Fis, the designer of the award winning design Sierra - Kindle Living - Outdoor Patio Heater by Arturo Fis demonstrates, With Sierra, Kindle Living has transformed the unattractive approach to outdoor heaters into a luxurious experience full o <Cropped>

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Art Photography by Atsushi Maeda

Atsushi Maeda Exhibits The Dialogue With The Shadow Art Photography

Atsushi Maeda, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Atsushi Maeda's Dialogue with The Shadow Art Photography spells out, All the photographs have an underlying theme which is: a dialogue with the shadow. Shadow evokes primal feelings su <Cropped>

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Le Pont by Takuji Kamio

Takuji Kamio Portrays The Le Pont Multifunctional Cafe

Takuji Kamio, the creator of the highlighted project Multifunctional Cafe by Takuji Kamio explains, The design was inspired by a phrase; people have built too many walls but not enough bridges. At the entrance, visitors may recognize a white bridge a <Cropped>

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Manetos Smart Heating Family-Temperature System by Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank

Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank Designs The Manetos Smart Heating Family Temperature System

Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank, the creative mind behind the displayed design Nikolaus Frank and Cecilia Frank's Manetos Smart Heating Family Temperature System explicates, The Manetos Smart Heating Family is the heart of the house. The advanc <Cropped>

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Simplicity by Fei Fan Li

Fei Fan Li Presents The Simplicity Multifunctional Furniture

Fei Fan Li, the creative mind behind the highlighted design Fei Fan Li's Simplicity Multifunctional furniture spells out, This set of furniture design gets inspiration from China's traditional educational toys, Kong Ming Lock, which is al <Cropped>

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Electric Car Charger:echarger by Maform Design Studio

Maform Design Studio Discloses The Echarger Electric Car Charger

Maform Design Studio, the lead designer of the award winning project eCharger - electric car charger by Maform Design Studio points out, Evopro eCharger is designed to be seen but stay moderate to fit modern city environment. DC chargers are the fa <Cropped>

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Jinkia Initiative Shelter Competition

This Is a Competition to Help House Internal Refugees. The Challenge Is to Design Innovative, Bold, Simple and Culturally Appropriate Design Using Locally Available Materials.intervention New Designs/Constructions That Are Innovative, Bold, Affordable

This is a competition to help house internal refugees. the challenge is to design innovative, bold, simple and culturally appropriate design using locally available materials.Intervention new designs/constructions that are innovative, bold, afford <Cropped>

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