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Trident is a public toilet built by customizing the "product standardization process", unified visual, modularity, humanization, technology, to bring users a better sense of experience. Different from ordinary public toilets, a photovoltaic power generation system is specially set up on the roof of Trident , which can also provide power support for the surrounding residents to use the environment, while satisfying the basic conditions of the public toilets' own electricity.

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Fluid Cube and Snake

Hello Wood created a line of outdoor furniture with smart functions for community spaces. Reimagining the genre of public furniture, they designed visually engaging and functional installations, featuring a lighting system and USB outlets, which required the integration of solar panels and batteries. The Snake is a modular structure; its elements are variable to fit the given site. The Fluid Cube is a fixed unit with a glass top featuring solar cells. The studio believes that the purpose of design is to turn articles of everyday use into loveable objects.

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The design aimed to question generic design and to be inspired by newly establishing ideas concerning future challenges. Since the outcome is a modular urban furniture family, it can work both as stand-alone furniture pieces as well as a small scale public realm with adjustable programs. Design can be described as flexible, scalable, industrial, modular urban furniture which can work as a permanent or temporary spatial intervention. Due to attention to details, the design achieves considerable optimization as all elements use the same standardized frame structure likewise shared materials.

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The Enovio Radial Smart Bin is a smart City product adapted to the needs of modern cities. Design of the product was dictated by functionality. The product can fulfill an important information function in the city system by collecting data and transferring it to city services. The built-in photovoltaic panel can power the air quality sensor, fill sensor and advertisement lighting. These functionalities will help the city service to get information about the bin requiring emptying and the residents to read the air quality measurements in a given location.

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Enovio Smart Cleaner

Autonomous dispenser for disinfecting handling is a solution that allows to take care of hygiene in public spaces. Enovio Smart Cleaner is a free-standing product, for external applications, resistant to weather conditions. The product is fully autonomous because the automatic feeder is powered by a solar panel. In addition, the dispenser will inform the services about ending fluids and the need to top it up. The dispenser has a modular design that allows you to build different configurations, connecting two dispenser or dispenser with a waste bin.

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What if a bench is also a table? Fold is an interpretation to the question above, to fulfill multiple functions yet retain a simplistic and sturdy form to be used in the public. This piece of furniture is not much more than a piece of plywood folded back on itself at an angle. Yet, this simple manipulation creates another surface that can be used as a table, without sacrificing its unanimous form with extensions or appendages.

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